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In a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using hypnosis for weight loss and one not using hypnosis), the hypnosis for weight loss group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).

In a comparison of the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment across multiple studies showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the effectiveness POST TREATMENT by over 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over time (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996).

Hypnosis can more than double the effects of traditional weight loss approaches An analysis of five weight loss studies reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 showed that the “… weight loss reported in the five studies indicates that hypnosis can more than double the effects” of traditional weight loss approaches

Hypnosis Subjects Lost More Weight Than 90% of Others and Kept it Off Researchers analyzed 18 studies comparing a cognitive behavioral therapy such as relaxation training, guided imagery, self monitoring, or goal setting with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis. Those who received the hypnosis lost more weight than 90 percent of those not receiving hypnosis and maintained the weight loss two years after treatment ended. University of Connecticut, Storrs Allison DB, Faith MS. Hypnosis as an adjunct to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for obesity: a meta-analytic reappraisal. J Consult Clin Psychol. 1996;64(3):513-516.

Hypnosis More Than Doubled Average Weight Loss Study of the effect of adding hypnosis to cognitive-behavioral treatments for weight reduction, additional data were obtained from authors of two studies. Analyses indicated that the benefits of hypnosis increased substantially over time.Kirsch, Irving (1996). Hypnotic enhancement of cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments--Another meta-reanalysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64 (3), 517-519.

Hypnosis has been accepted by the American Medical Association, the American 
Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association.
- Newsweek 
  Hypnosis is helpful in treating addictions, and the depression and anxiety associated with them.
- Psychology Today 
  With weight loss the evidence is conclusive, hypnosis does help people reduce.

- Smithsonian Magazine 
  In hypnosis, you can attain significant psycho-physiologic changes.
Dr. Daniel Handel, National Institute of Health

- New York Times 
  Hypnosis is not mind control. It's a naturally occurring state of concentration; It's actually a means of enhancing your control over both your mind and your body.

Dr. David Spiegel, Assoc. Chair of Psychiatry
Sanford University School of Medicine